Name: Apply Routes Plugin
Author: markw65 (contact by Email or PM)
ST Version: 2.0.3074 or later
License: None
Version: 0.1.3651 2009-12-30

Home Page:

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Maps Support

Added support for all the Google Maps modes, and MS Live Maps modes, Geoportail, and OpenLayers. Basically this adds "Terrain" and "Hybrid" modes to those already available. I've also added new "Street" and "Satellite" modes. These mostly duplicate the existing functionality, but, as far as I can tell, dont cause Google to block your IP address, because I'm using the GMaps API.

I've also included some oddities - ever wonder where you would have been if you'd been running on the moon?  :-)

New Route Control

I've added a new Route Control, which supports Google Earth, and Virtual Earth as well as all the other map types.

Its available as an activity detail page (bottom left pane on the "Daily Activity" view, on the drop down), or as a full screen view (Select view | AR - Routes, or Edit Activity | Send To Routes)

3D Workout Simulation

In the "AR Routes" view (see above), select "AR - Earth", then use the buttons in the bottom right to start/stop, speedup/slowdown and zoom in/out. Use the GE Navigation control to set the orientation of the view relative to the "pacman"

Join Activities

Select the workouts you want to join, then use "AR - Join Activities" to join them. Note that the end time of the last workout must be within about 18 hours of the start time of the first (this is due to an ST limitation)

Routes Features

I've found the "Routes" view to be hard to use. What I really want to use it for is to store "typical" runs on each of my courses, and then use those to add gps tracks to my old (pre-gps-owning-days) workouts.

I know there are various ways to do this

but then the old workout ends up with exactly the same time/splits etc as the one that I copied. But I already have exact times, and splits for my old workouts, so I wanted something a bit better.

When this plugin applies a route to a workout, it scales the times for the entire distance, and computes distances for the splits. A planned improvement is to store "common" split locations along with the route, and let it tie split times in the workout to split locations in the route. Another planned improvement is to average a number of workouts when creating a route.


Create Routes From Activities

Unfortunately, the ST API doesn't allow a plugin to create new routes, so this just updates existing routes.

Before you start, you need to create some empty routes in the Routes view. A route is considered empty if it has no gps route associated with it, and its name is blank, or "New route". A route will also be updated if its name matches the workout name. Because of this dependence on names, "Create Routes From Activities" wont create a route from an activity with a blank name.

Select the workouts you want to create routes for, then select "Create Routes From Activities" from the "Edit" menu. A form will show you, and allow you to change, which routes will be updated from which activities.

Apply Routes...

Select the workouts you want to update, then choose "Apply Routes...". Text boxes at the top of the dialog show how many activities are selected, and the min, max and average distance of the selected workouts. This can be used as a sanity check before you apply a 2 mile route to a 50 mile workout.

By default, activities which already have gps tracks wont be updated. Deselect "Ignore activities with GPS data" to override that.

Update History...

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  • Add option to export activities to Replay Routes
  • Preserve active/rest flags when joining routes
  • Include elevation and pace when sending Routes (as opposed to activities) to the AR - Routes view
  • Fix a number of theming issues, where various dialogs had incorrect background colors
  • Fix a crash in the map provider
  • Fix a problem with "ApplyRoute/Preserve Distances" when the distances were specified by laps (some laps appear to have no distance info)
  • Rewrote Join Activities to create a new, joined activity, and preserve the original, unjoined activities
  • Fixed a bug in Join Activities when joining distance tracks (most activities dont have distance tracks)
  • Restored compatibility with ST2.0 (the previous few versions only worked with 2.1)
  • Added a new "laps" feature to apply route
  • Fixed a potential startup issue
  • Added polish translations (by sms)
  • Finished off internationalization support, and added french (by hccomp33) and spanish (by maoaguirre) translations.
  • Added "preserve distances" mode for "Apply Routes". If you Apply a route to an activity with a distance track, the pace/distance will be taken from the distance track (scaled to the length of the route). For activities with no distance track, which have splits, the split time/distances are preserved
  • Fixed the "divided into four" problem with the geoportail maps
  • Fixed the problem in 0.1.3316 causing it to crash if the GDAL plugin was not installed.
  • Add support for any proj4 supported spatial reference. For now, this means that the Geoportail maps work in the ST routes panel. It will also enable custom maps in arbitrary projections
  • Fix a bug that prevented the map type from being switched if the map didnt load in the AR Routes panel.
  • Fix a problem with the previous release. If you didnt have the correct version of mshtml.dll installed, it would crash
  • Added more data to the upload from ST to the simulator. Amongst other thigns, power and cadence are now included. This should also speed up setup times a little
  • Fixed a bug handling timer pauses. Now the simulator should always skip over paused sections
  • Fixed a bug in Join Routes which caused it to fail to insert Timer Pauses between joined activities
  • Fixed problems in simulator getting activity info for activities with timer pauses
  • Changed simulator to skip over timer pauses
  • Cleaned up code to ensure it will work correctly with tracks longer than 18 hours (when ST is updated to support that)
  • Added bulk category rename to "Update History" feature.
  • Fixed some problems getting info about the route for the simulator
  • Fix a bug which caused strange zooming of the AR maps in certain parts of the world (Europe, in particular)
  • Update watch paused times correctly in Join Activities
  • Fixed bug in Join Activities which allowed you to create activities which would exceed 18 hours (the limit in ST).
  • Fixed very long update times for Join Activities, in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a crash in new installations when accessing settings.
  • Added "Join Activities" Edit menu item.
  • Added "OpenLayers" maps to "AR Routes" view, and OpenStreetMap to Routes control.
  • Added "Geoportail" maps to "AR Routes" view.
  • Fixed (rare) crash starting up with map selected.
  • Fixed crash applying an empty route to an activity.
  • Added "AR Route" view.
  • "Apply Route..." now sets activity time from route time if activity time is zero
0.1.31262008-07-23 Fixed some more bugs, added some MS Live Maps, and added virtual earth to the activity detail page.Download
0.1.31172008-07-14 Fixed some bugs, and added an activity detail page that supports the GE-Plugin.Download
0.1.31152008-07-12 Added map providers for all of google map's mapping modes.Download
0.1.31022008-06-30 Added bulk rename functions for activity/route Names and Locations.Download
0.1.31012008-06-28 Added better UI/feedback for create routes; separated Update Equipment into its own Edit action; added checkbox for setting times linearly; added settings page.Download
0.1.30912008-06-18 Fixed crash when applying a route with no time info to an activityDownload(Download Source)
0.1.30882008-06-15 Initial ReleaseDownload